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Web Design 1011:  Interoperability, Accessibility, Compliance, & Branding.    

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This site offers the services of a consulting web architect, and a web design guide written from an engineering perspective. This site also built to Distributed Site Architecture and occupies an entire realm comprising several domains under the same name as follows:

eCommerce Web Design.

At RealmEleven, the sites we design are commercially accessible through an eCommerce web design that is free of active or dynamic scripts or mark-up that run client-side.

Multiple Browser Compatible Web Design.

At RealmEleven, the sites we design are compatible with multiple browsers with a sophisticated and subtle yet complex system of browser specific cascades and conditions as part of our compatible web design.

Disability Accessible Web Design.

At RealmEleven, the sites we design are accessible to everyone with a disability via special  invisible mark-up deployed as part of our accessible web design.

Standards Compliant Web Design.

At RealmEleven, the sites we design are forward compatible with future browsers and web technology, as part of our standards compliant web design.

Forceful Web Design.

At RealmEleven, the sites we design are forceful both in brand recognition and content delivery as part of our forceful web design system.

Powerful Web Design.

At RealmEleven, the sites we design are a powerful combination of the features offered by modern mark-up and style-sheets as part of our powerful web design technology.

High Impact Web Design.

At RealmEleven, the sites we design are leave their mark on every visitor's mind as a result of our high impact web design methodology.

CV (Resume).

Consulting web architect offering the technical technicalexpertise that made this site possible.

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Web Design & Site Engineering Guide.

An Engineering Guide to Web Design.

A summary of the most important aspects of web design: the engineering side of web design.

Show Some Respect for Safe Web Surfing Procedures!

The use of "active" or "dynamic" client-side scripts is loaded with presumption; such as the presumption that system security is unimportant to the visitor.

Active Scripting and Macros: Master Mode by Another Name.

The internet's version of Master Mode comes in the guise of "active" or "dynamic" client-side scripts, but Master Mode has a long and disastrous if not well documented history.

Beating Market Segmentation with Interoperable Web Design.

Competing manufacturers are prone to to make attempts to segment the market at your expense. A standards based approach to implementing interoperability minimises the effects of the browser wars.

Web Design without Prejudice: Multiple Browser Compatibility.

Several web browsers hold significant market share and not ensuring functionality in all browsers will only serve to alienate a large proportion of your clientele.

The Importance of Being Earnest: Standards Compliance and Validation in Web Design.

The first step on the path to multiple browser compatibility is compliance with internationally established standards. This also improves predictability of web page behaviour and minimises web design bugs.

Validation of Web Design.

Standards compliance is not easy and prone to human error. The use of validators to check the compliance of web pages is key to ensuring standards compliant and validated web pages.

Disabilities Affecting Many Web Site Visitors.

People with disabilities are numerous and varied - so numerous in fact that failing to account for them with your web site design will cost you a substantial chunk of your potential market.

Web Design with Access for Visitors with Disabilities.

There are ways to make your site accessible to people with a wide variety of disabilities. Here are some of the most common mistakes.

Standard Navigation Systems and their Web Design Applications.

Navigation systems are key features of modern web design, particularly where large sites are concerned. This article reviews the use and deployment of toolbars, sidebars, adbars, badge collections, and dropdown menus.

Composition and Branding as Aspects of Web Design.

Branding is crucial to establishing identity whereas composition helps reinforce your message by both separating identity from content while associating identity with content and reinforcing that content.

About us.

This site is hosted by RealmEleven for the purpose of offering world class web design services.

Contact us.

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Standards Compliance.

This site complies with international standards for mark-up, layout definition, and content accessibility.

Site Map.

Everywhere you ever wanted to go on our site is all here on one page - in addition to being on the menu system at the top of the page. If you are having trouble accessing the menus or finding what you want please contact us with the details.

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